About us


WLKN is a unique streetwear experience. Our stores are a hub for fashion, music, sports and culture. We stand out with the excellence of our customer service and the diversity of the 100+ brands we promote. We give a 100% in everything we do and we pride ourselves with the strength of our family-like approach. Our commitment is to develop our team members into becoming exceptional individuals.

Pierre Mercier, CEO of the WLKN Group, created the WLKN retail concept in 2010. The idea was simple: to make Streetwear culture more accessible by offering a variety of brands and clothing styles with-in a family-friendly communal environment.

Today, thanks to the companys’ philosophy, loyal quality employees, a strong commitment to customer service , and an active presence on a multitude of social media sites, WLKN is a true entrepreneurial success story that is breaking down borders.