Amongst friends



A timeless combination of class, quality, and utility, Amongst Friends is a clothing brand for all types of men, everywhere.  Catering to all backgrounds and tastes, the line consists of clean-cut apparel, footwear and accessories.  AF is a brand that seeks to bring the comfort of being “Amongst Friends” into the clothing itself. Founded in 2007 by Mikol Stambaugh, it started as a small brand and has risen to be sold internationally to guys from all walks of life.

Perfect for the business man in the boardroom or the college graduate enjoying a drink with colleagues, Amongst Friends is a brand for confident, self aware and fashion savvy men. Amongst Friends now offers a full collection with full production capabilities to professionally service all of its categories and ever diversifying customers.  The brand is one that compliments its wearer, has a successful feel, and exudes the confidence as if one was always “Amongst Friends”.


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