Bobbie burns



bobbie_burnMany brands in the business claim to be a cocktail of styles, influences and inspiration. But this is particularly apt for Swedish streetwear makers Bobbie Burns: its founders Patrick Lakso and Henrik Standerth actually found their company name in a cocktail book and their influences are as eclectic a mix as this would suggest. As Standerth explains:”I guess we look at a lot of vintage shoes, classic silhouettes, but we don’t really have one source and it’s not limited to footwear”.

Cocktail poetry for a Scottish legend – the original Bobbie Burns claims to be an evolution of the classical Robert Burns cocktail – a whisky and sweet vermouth drink with dashes of absinthe.

Inspired from early rock n roll, skate & punk scene, Bobbie Burns started designing footwear long before mainstream rock n roll fashion. 
Their brand originates from many different lifestyles and cultures, which have blended, & merged together creating its own unique sense of style.



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