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imking_2In 2006, two ambitious friends set out in search to fulfill their greatest dream – to discover a place where there is no consequence to any action, where there are no regulations to creativity, where one may live in utmost lavishness and extravagance among lovers and friends. This was their Imaginary Kingdom. After three years of building upon this abstract vision, founders Andy, Polo, and Brian along with their indestructible team of raconteurs and visionaries, have finally arrived to IM KING. IM KING is not only a collection of avant-garde clothing, but is an ideal way of life, inspired and motivated by the support of its followers. IM KING is based on the intent of proper dress and demeanor. When kings ruled the world they not only held power and prestige, but always maintained an immaculately pristine image. By taking ordinary closet staples, IM KING renovates its everyday aesthetic by manifesting the distinct IM KING lifestyle, taste, and attitude, but always leaves room for individual style.

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