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plenty_2PLENTY is a streetwear company for men and women that was first inspired by the lifestyle put forward by counter-cultural sports such as snowboard, skateboard and surfing. We are also highly influenced by artists who are willing to die for an idea, who live solely to create and who, just like riders, grow to the beat of their passions.

PLENTY defines itself as the link between these passionnate groups of people to get the best out of their knowledge and competence in order to create an innovative product of high quality. Our passion, our care for details and our quest for perfection pushes us to create clothes with a unique fit branded PLENTY.

Our creations fill the need of our open-minded clientele for clothes that they will be proud to wear and that will differenciate them from the rest. We chose the hand as our symbol to represent PLENTY. Human beigns have been using their hands as tools forever and to this day, we still use our hands to accomplish our goals and fulfill our dreams.

PLENTY is a symbol that reminds us how similar we all are and that, within hand reach, we all possess the tools necessary to get what we want.



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