Capture d’écran 2013-12-11 à 18.22.25 On November 20th 2010, W- WLKN shop was born in Quebec City. Our concept was to provide our customers with the latest streetwear while making their experience at the store friendly and personalize. To support our vision we surrounded ourselves with a team of professional, creative and hardworking individuals. As we continue to grow we now hold more than 150 brands from around the world including our own. Whether you’re style is influenced by music, sports or various genres our vast selection of clothes and accessories make it impossible for anyone to walk out empty handed. Innovation is our philosophy. Every day we find a way to reinvent ourselves, to inspire change and the people who follow our movement. Our mission is to excel for our supporters who make it possible for us to grow constantly. In the upcoming months W-WLKN will be launching its new website and online store. Not only focusing on streetwear and accessories, the content will also keep you informed on upcoming music, artistic and sports trends. Thanks to various collaborations, partnerships and social media we continue to be discovered across Canada, Europe, Australia, the US and hopefully many more to come. Having this in mind we find it important to expand our vision to new projects such as this one. Reinvent to strive. about-entree about-OLI IMG_7473-9 copie

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